Working groups

The member of academy will comprise of different working groups. The working groups will actually work in Islamic world for promotion of science and technology.

1- NYA
This working group will make effort to develop National Young Academies (NYAs) in Islamic world and will try to develop link among the entire Islamic world NYAs. Within 5 years NYA will be established in each Islamic country.

2- Technology Transfer
The working group will prepare the list of latest technologies available in different Islamic countries and will make effort for technology transfer among the Islamic world countries.

3- Linkage Program
The working group will work to develop linkage between the young scientists working in developed countries and NYA so they could participate in different scientific activities in their respective countries. Initially this working group will prepare database.

4- Scientific Literature
The working group will make efforts for easy access of scientific literature in Islamic world. For this the working group can work in connection with COMSTECH and other science organizations.

5- Survey
The working group will conduct survey on important scientific issues in Islamic world so policies could be made accordingly

6- Issues and Challenges
The members of this working group will sort out major issues and challenges of Muslim world and they will work out the ways to meet the challenges.

7- Media Group
The working group will develop link with print and electronic media of Islamic world for the promotion of science and technology. The basic idea is to aware the common person about the scientific developments in Islamic world.