The chairman will be the working head of Academy. He must be a young scientist below the age of 40. Chairman will work for 2 years. One person can be Chairman only twice.
Executive committee (EC) members will decide the Chairman. The Chairman of IYSA must be given the rank of Science Ambassador in Islamic world.


There will be two vice chairman for IYSA, one from Asia and other from Africa. They will be selected by EC members of respective countries in annual meetings. Vice chairman will work for 2 years. Vice chairman of each continent will deal with the respective countries and will take care of different activities to be held in his covered area. Vice chairman will directly monitor the working groups of IYSA.

General Secretary

There will be one General Secretary of IYSA. Like Chairman and vice-chairman, General Secretary will be elected by EC members. He will deal with all official record of the academy. He will be responsible for arranging meetings for IYSA in different countries. In addition he will be in direct contact with all the members and will assign them work after approval from chairman.

Executive Committee Members

There will be one EC member from each Islamic country. Executive member will be president of National Young Academy (if there is no NYA then EC member will be selected by member of respective country). Executive member will be selected after four years. Executive members will be the head of members of their respective country. EC member will
be responsible for activities in their own countries. The activities would be assigned by general secretary and will be decided each year in annual meeting


Members will be selected from each Islamic country, there will maximum 5 members from one Islamic country. The members will be selected on merit, based on their academic excellence and motivation to work. They members will be selected for 4 years. Same person can be member for only twice. The members will work in collaboration with the executive
member of that country.

Members will directly apply to IYSA for membership and selection committee will select the member.


There will be one treasurer. Treasurer will be among the members of EC. He will be responsible for all the financial matters of the academy. He will be responsible to utilize the funds in the manner decided by the chairman.