Message from the Patron

Message from the Patron of IYSA, Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro

The development of nations depends upon their progress in the field of Science and Technology (S&T). Thus without good progress in S&T Sector, no nation can compete in the economic world and tackle the ever increasing challenges of industrial development, agriculture, health and environment. In the distant past, Muslim scientists ruled the scientific stage and made major breakthroughs in various disciplines of science. The entire world benefitted from the knowledge generated by Muslim scientists, but alas, now despite being very rich in natural and human resources, the Islamic World on the whole, is far behind in S&T as compared to developed world.

The population of Islamic countries mainly comprises of youth but there is not a single platform for it to exchange ideas, discuss issues & challenges and find out their solutions. Of course, there are few National Young Academies (NYA) in the Islamic world (Sudan, Pakistan, Morocco, Egypt and Nigeria etc) but their scope is rather limited to their respective countries and don’t have a linkages with each other. Therefore, it is heartening to note that young academics/scientists have got together to establish the “Islamic World Young Scientists Academy”- IYSA, a non-governmental organization. It aims to provide a dynamic platform to youth of Islamic world for sharing their thoughts and ideas for improving the S&T status of the member countries.

I would like to congratulate IYSA for joining hands together for an important cause, I urge them to build on each other’s strengths and bring about a change in thought process among the youth of Islamic World. I hope that entire Islamic world would have representation in this platform and would fully benefit from it. It is hoped that the young scientists would come forward and make contribution to this age of science and technology. It is also hoped that IYSA would play a major role in developing coordination among young researchers within Pakistan as well as among young researchers of the Islamic world by sharing scientific information, establishment of National Young Academies (NYAs) in all Islamic countries, promotion of research culture, training of young science leaders and promotion of academia-industry linkages for the benefit of society as a whole. I wish IYSA well and would always be pleased to help and facilitate them as much as possible.