1. Annual Meeting
There will be one annual meeting to discuss the problems in entire Islamic World. In addition in this meeting progress of working groups will be discussed.

Annual meetings will be held in different Islamic countries. Members and EC members will participate in annual meetings. Some guest young researchers can also be invited so that they could also visit scientific institute of the country and could also participate in scientific discussions.

2. Workshops/ symposium/ conferences
International Conferences / symposia will be arranged on different scientific issues at time of each annual meeting. The students of host country will attend these workshops etc after paying registration fee along with the guest students from each country.

3. Workshops/ symposium/ conferences within countries
Every member country will arrange such activities on different important scientific topics (Mainly by NYA) each year and progress report will be presented in annual meeting of IYSA by EC member.

4. Best Young Scientists Award
Each year best young scientists award will be given to best young scientist in the Muslim world in areas of

  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Mathematics and
  • Information Technology