Welcome to Islamic World Young Scientists Academy (IYSA)

The Islamic world on the whole is far behind in Science and Technology as compared to developed countries despite the fact that they are very rich in natural resources and manpower. The population of Islamic countries is mainly comprised of youth and there is need to prepare the youth to face the challenges of present age and future. There is not a single platform for youth of Islamic countries to share their ideas and discuss the problems and challenges. In order to provide a dynamic platform to youth of Islamic world, there was need to have an academy of young scientists. Young scientists should come forward because this is age of science and technology and they can contribute so much. There are few National Young Academies (NYA) in the Islamic world (Sudan, Pakistan, Egypt and Nigeria etc) but they are working in their respective countries and they also don’t have a linkage with each other. So in order to have representation from the entire Islamic world we started Islamic World Young Scientists Academy (IYSA).

Message from the Patron, Prof. Dr. Manzoor Hussain Soomro

The development of nations depends upon their progress in the field of Science and Technology (S&T). Thus without good progress in S&T Sector, no nation can compete in the economic world and tackle the ever increasing challenges of industrial development, agriculture, health and environment. In the distant past, Muslim scientists ruled the scientific stage and made major breakthroughs in various disciplines of science. The entire world benefitted from the knowledge generated by Muslim scientists, but alas, now despite being very rich in natural and human resources, the Islamic World on the whole, is far behind in S&T as compared to developed world.
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